Giving peace

We can not only give gifts for Christmas, we can also give peace. We can treat others, can be kind, can pay a compliment. Others are happy when we smile, when we help them, when we do something for them, when we share, be it objects, books, films, recipes. We can lend things, we can share things – although it doesn’t have to be the toothbrush. We can help others, cook for someone, shop for the neighbours, give someone a call, especially when we know that he or she is lonely. We can help animals or do something positive for the environment.

When we begin to help others and to do good, we can quickly feel that it isn’t easy and even helping needs to be learned. There are many opportunities for giving peace, it also feels good to think of others lovingly, to forgive, to try to listen to the other point of view. If money is in short supply, time can be given. And if we want to start a chain reaction of the good, as Paul Watzlawick called it, we can make it a habit to give peace once every day, and maybe next week we can already give peace twice and over time, it will become normal to think and act peacefully.

As a result, we will see that others also give peace and the more we cultivate kindness, the more peace will grow in this world.

Of course, there are also physical gifts that are suitable for giving peace. The books I have written are suitable gifts of peace. I am including links below. We also have few CDs with peaceful songs left, you can sing along to them even on your own. The CDs are available to order from me. All proceeds from the peace CDs, as well as 1 Euro from each of my books, go to our charity Frieden macht Schule e.V. We also welcome donations for peace. The account number is as follows:

DE14 7015 0000 1001083276

Personally, I want to give more peace by recording YouTube videos. The first video is already available on my channel. On this channel, anyone interested can find information on practical psychological knowledge and my experience, for example how to support your health, build respectful relationships, and feel good despite many a frustration. I am also happy to support others in our network with growing peace and building respectful relationships.

I am wishing us all a lovely advent and the hope and confidence that we will be able to live together even better in future.

Gertrud Müller


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