The world theatre production

Ta-da! Ta-da! The curtains open: there it is, the world theatre production.

First act: The main players introduce themselves: The big, visible presidents, the police, the scientists and scholars, the intellectuals, the military, the show, the media, the pomp, the perfect masquerade, the virtual art and culture, marketing, management, musical and visual production, everything perfect.

Second act: The misery. The production shows the misery of poor, sick, hungry and persecuted people over and over again. People who resisted, who didn’t follow the rules, met their fate of hunger, sickness, persecution, penal camps, re-education and death (the persecutors, exploiters, stress makers, big criminals do not appear on stage, they potter about in the underworld below the stage, remain well hidden behind the shadows of the figures of light)

Third act: The saviours. Out of nowhere, there are suddenly figures of light, luminaries, saviours who remove all suffering. If everyone bows to the new saviours, there will be a temporary happy end.


Fourth act: The end. The audience is in awe and gives round after round of applause. They discuss how marvellous the production was, the wonderful choreography, the amazing actors, and so truthful, so well played, almost like in real life.

Fifth: Media coverage: The world theatre production has been the most successful production worldwide so far, so successful that it is being restaged across the world in ever changing variations.

And what is your part?

Have a good week and enjoy the world theatre production, from wherever you are seeing it.

Gertrud Müller


Children’s rights

Is there a worldwide lobby for children? If children are treated badly, it is much more likely that they will become victims or perpetrators of crime and will be involved in violence later in life. Not only did I demonstrate this in my PhD thesis, there are countless studies on the subject. This year at Easter, I have resolved that I will become  active in this area. Only children who have no voice can be forced to go to war by dominant and cruel superiors later in life. Only broken children become ill, humiliated, or hungry for power and money. Only children who are taught that animals and nature have no value will destroy nature as adults. If we begin to allow children to be happy, honest and attentive children, they will also be happy, honest and attentive adults.

Please help me to create a free and friendly world

Gertrud Müller

Taking off

Easter and spring have a strong vigour and vitality. Shoots break forth from their seeds, the flowers and insects dare to come out of hibernation, it is said that Jesus overcame death at Easter, members of the public are a little more courageous again and are starting to speak their mind honestly and constructively. And even the seemingly infallible Mrs Merkel has to admit that an Easter lockdown really wasn’t a good idea. Slowly, not only the buds break open and blossom, more and more people set off, want to flourish and take off. They want to stop being caterpillars, fly like butterflies into a more colourful and beautiful world, a world in which we cooperate instead of bringing each other down. A world in which we humans respect each other and nature, a world in which we no longer exploit but share, in which we no longer know everything better but listen to each other and learn from each other.

Let’s not get caught up in old convictions and ways of thinking, let’s set off and flourish with nature and spring for a diverse, free and friendly world: Happy Easter and enjoy the spring days.

Gertrud Müller

Foto Silvia Tauchmann

Just today

Just today

Every day, I write my to do list and I’m happy when, by the evening, some of my plans have come to fruition. As a young woman, I got in the habit of only living for today. At the time, as a single mother, I was glad when I managed to feed my children, do my work and when the children could go to sleep at night healthy and well looked after. I didn’t know how to manage my workload in the long run, so I told myself, I am only trying to manage today, and that was possible. Some years later when my children were older and I was more experienced as a mother, I wrote to a friend: I think I can see light at the end of the tunnel.  Light at the end of the tunnel meant that I was confident I could manage my lot.  This ‘just today’ has worked well for me. I still like to develop further and I still find it difficult to form new habits. Until I can do it, I tell myself: I only try it today. I am wishing us all a good week and when things get tough, we can remember to just try it today.

I wish you a nice week

Gertrud Müller


Without a goal, we can only have a vague idea where we are going. The satnav won’t find the way if we aren’t putting in an exact destination. Sometimes, we can only take life as it comes, we can follow others without thinking about our own goal. We can lament our circumstances. One day, we wake up, are surprised and ask ourselves: where did I get to? At the latest at this point we have a new opportunity, we can choose a new goal, a new prospect. At the end of life, everyone wants to look back on a life that he or she had a part in shaping. That is why it is important to question over and over again, am I on the way that is right for me? What new prospects does life offer, where do I want to get to, what opportunities do I have. When we engage with this journey of life, life remains exciting and interesting right up to old age.

I wish yo a nice week and a lot of new prospects

Gertrud Müller

Photo Silvia Tauchmann


When I meet patients and clients, we often talk about the wish to overcome a certain state:  to overcome pain, to leave behind grieve, to no longer feel hardship or fear, to no longer bear a burden or guilt. Some want to get over separation, others want to overcome a period of waiting or physical distance. My students anxiously await their exams and exam results. In Asian parlance, they say the journey is the destination. I need to go on my way, need to feel that I’m not yet where I want to be. That is the energy of life, an energy that provides us with the opportunity to overcome the previous state. When people feel this life energy, they can achieve amazing things. Last year, I felt this life energy very acutely. Coronavirus and travel restrictions: I wanted to visit my family in England, my daughter, grandson and son-in-law. I could not book a train or plane ticket. I considered my options. I am physically fit and like to go on bicycle tours, so I had the idea to go there by bike. I did not know what would happen to the borders when I organised the trip and when I left. It wasn’t easy to overcome all the difficulties along the way, to organise route planning, timing, the unpredictability of the weather, work commitments and my own strength and resources.  I was very happy that everything worked out fine and I managed to complete the bike tour. After the tour, I wanted to make a film out of the videos I took while riding. That also presented me with a lot of challenges. I tried, practiced, learned, got help. This week, the film has finally been finished. I wish us all this energy of life that lets us feel that we can overcome the previous, the woebegone, the unfinished and the provisional. An energy of life that gives us hope and that makes us realise over and over again: the journey is the destination!

I wish you the very best für the next week and ahve a look at your life energy

Gertrud Müller

Invitation and integration

What does integration mean? Integration is a kind of admittance. However, the term does not specify the quality of such admittance. In its polite form, integration develops from invitation, in its hostile form, integration is forced through deprivation, slavery, war, rape… In America, slaves were forced to work and were integrated in that way, worldwide, refugees from other countries are being integrated as a result of losing their livelihoods. Forced labourers were integrated, in prisons, prisoners are being integrated. Our body integrates germs, food, trace elements, toxins and pollutants. States and religions integrate citizens of other states and believers of different faiths. Integration requires previous exclusion. People have been drawing boundaries for thousands of years, but these boundaries are subject to change time and time again, both fixed borders and moral boundaries. What constitutes a natural boundary for one person is restriction of freedom for another. In this way, every day is a new integration, an integration into live, into a new day. We can see this integration as an invitation and gratefully rejoice that a new day has been given to us.  We can also see life as a restraint, I have to get up yet again, I really am so sick of everything,… Every new encounter with other people and experiences is a form of integration. And something very important becomes apparent here: integration goes both ways. I am integrating myself into a group and the experience of the group is being integrated into my perception. A person integrates themselves into life and life integrates itself into that person. Once we understand the reciprocity of the processes of integration, our boundaries are no longer fixed, but preliminary, division between people and division between man and nature are no longer an issue because we are all connected in some way. Maybe we can manage to invite each other to integrate in a friendly way and to slowly negotiatie boundaries and contracts in such a way that we feel mutually appreciated.

Have a nice week

Gertrud Müller



Today I would like to talk about hospitality. It feels good to find spaces and people where we can feel at home. The experience of hospitality shapes our individual and collective sense of community. Almost all fairy tales and stories touch on the topic of hospitality and its opposite, hostile rejection and exclusion.

The first community is the family that can provide us with and let us experience a sense of hospitality. There are many people who occasionally, or in some cases frequently, experience hostile rejection in their families. There are loved, longed for children and unloved children who are being rejected, excluded or abandoned. This initial experience shapes the whole life. We are also met with situations of hospitality and hostile disputes later in life, at work, in business or in politics. I think we all agree as human beings that hospitality feels better than hostile rejection, however the question arises why we cannot cultivate hospitality more permanently. Of course, part of hospitality is also to be good guests. Why do so many people still lean towards hostile encounters despite education and modernity. Families and schools are the primary places where initial knowledge and experiences of encounters are gained. Hospitality as a subject of education for families and schools is certainly worth exploring. Children who learn about hospitality will greet co-workers in a friendly manner later in life, will pass on hospitality in their families. Schools and workplaces will pass on hospitality to the next generation. At some point, the whole world becomes a place of hospitality towards other cultures, whether poor or rich, sick or healthy. Isn’t it worth considering hospitality?

I wish you a good new week

Gertrud Müller

Artist: Gisela Schulze Bachmann

Degradation and elevation

Stock markets go up and down, shares and currencies are sometimes more, sometimes less valuable. Similarly, we sometimes receive more appreciation from others, sometimes less. We believe we are a good person when we receive praise and a bad person when we are reprimanded. Die Ärzte (a German rock band) wrote the song ‘Let people talk…’. It is important not to think negatively about the things others say about us and it is important not to become dependent on negative comments or the praise of others. The person with a golden heart always tries to become a better person, no matter what others say, think or do. And I can assure you, the opportunities for lifelong learning and growth are endless, there is no boundary for growth of quality of life and happiness. Happiness and love are never ending. Again and again, I experience moments of awe, gratitude and joy that move me deeply. I am inspired by the beauty of life, the diversity of nature, the extent of the universe and the kindness and generosity of people with golden hearts. Please write to me with your experiences that make you feel wonder-ful. Moments in which it is possible to marvel at something, to forgive, times of courage and hope, times when you feel happiness and love. it is important that we share our moments of joy, that we talk about gratitude, appreciation and loving encounters. He who sows happiness, appreciation, gratitude and love, will harvest happiness, appreciation, gratitude and love. Ask a farmer, they will confirm this. That is life intelligence.

A good new week

Gertrud Müller

Foto: Silvia Tauchmann

The golden heart

A golden hearts is very valuable. Many people do not feel that their own heart or the hearts of their fellow human beings are golden. We meet more grubby hearts that have become dull from jealousy, blind from wrath, cold from cruelty, rigid from fear and frustration, soaked and deformed from the tears of sadness and some are even black from hate. In the course of adapting to their environment, many people lose their golden heart as a result of bad experiences. It warms my heart when I see young children; they still have such a golden heart. Adults also find it easier to see the golden hearts of young children, they say: that child has a golden heart. We are born with golden hearts. I like to watch Little Lord Fauntleroy at Christmas, he also has a golden heart and inspires the Lord to be a better human being. When people inspire each other, we say: you made me a better person. I imagine how nice it will be when more and more people inspire each other to be better persons and I am grateful to have witnessed this again and again. It is not just a dream, it is possible. However, I cannot do it on my own. It is only possible when many people join in freeing their hearts from the dirt of old, bad experiences and polish the gold of their hearts, dig out their golden hearts and show others how wonderful those golden human hearts are. I invite you again to write to me, tell me your stories of people who inspired you to be a better person.

With best wishes for the new week

Gertrud Müller

Gertrud Müller