The golden heart

A golden hearts is very valuable. Many people do not feel that their own heart or the hearts of their fellow human beings are golden. We meet more grubby hearts that have become dull from jealousy, blind from wrath, cold from cruelty, rigid from fear and frustration, soaked and deformed from the tears of sadness and some are even black from hate. In the course of adapting to their environment, many people lose their golden heart as a result of bad experiences. It warms my heart when I see young children; they still have such a golden heart. Adults also find it easier to see the golden hearts of young children, they say: that child has a golden heart. We are born with golden hearts. I like to watch Little Lord Fauntleroy at Christmas, he also has a golden heart and inspires the Lord to be a better human being. When people inspire each other, we say: you made me a better person. I imagine how nice it will be when more and more people inspire each other to be better persons and I am grateful to have witnessed this again and again. It is not just a dream, it is possible. However, I cannot do it on my own. It is only possible when many people join in freeing their hearts from the dirt of old, bad experiences and polish the gold of their hearts, dig out their golden hearts and show others how wonderful those golden human hearts are. I invite you again to write to me, tell me your stories of people who inspired you to be a better person.

With best wishes for the new week

Gertrud Müller

Gertrud Müller

Save the world in 7 years?

Many years ago, Bodo Schäfer wrote  ‘The Road to Financial Freedom – Earn Your First Million in Seven Years’.  In the book, he showed that so much more is possible in the space of seven years than people can imagine. It makes sense to think long term and to establish what we can achieve in those timeframes. If one person works towards a goal for one year, they invest 2,080 hours in a year. In seven years, they will have already invested 14,560 hours. If we imagine 10 people investing time in a project over the space of seven years, that’s 145,600 invested hours. For 1000 people, we’re looking at 14,560,000 working hours. I have decided that we could dare to make the assumption that we are saving the world in seven years. We can, of course, not change the world around us; however, if we improve our inner world, our life intelligence over the course of seven years, we can achieve very, very much. I have made it my goal for this year to start with myself and to encourage and invite as many people as possible to join me. In the next seven years, I will improve my inner world systematically using seven types of intelligence, which I have found during my many years of work experience to be the new gold of humankind. If we don’t only look for external gold, but also for internal gold and invest many hours, then in seven years, we’ll have a world containing many people with a golden heart: people who help each other, share and learn from each other. In seven years, we’ll then not only have a Nelson Mandela or a Mother Teresa, but we’ll also have many geniuses who will inspire us to make our world a better place. Many of today’s dark, dusty, haggard, depressed, cruel and embittered souls can become golden characters again who inspire others. And if 1,000 golden souls infect others over the space of seven years with joy, courage, hope and confidence, then health,  cooperation and happiness will spread like a wildfire. The golden dream of mankind living in harmony with each other and nature then becomes a possibility. People with a golden heart no longer need to adorn themselves with gold from the outside to feel valued, they enrich their lives with their golden heart. Do you want to be one of these new gold diggers? Then join us and let’s dig up more and more of the seven types of life intelligence over the next seven years.

  1. Emotional intelligence;
  2. Intelligence to find meaning;
  3. Nutritional intelligence;
  4. Bodily intelligence;
  5. Intelligence to deal with stress;
  6. Intelligence to exercise;
  7. Social intelligence.



I am starting in 2021 and as a first step,  I am investigating emotional intelligence and golden emotions. I am inviting you to co-author my new book: Save the world in seven years. Please send me golden experiences that changed your emotions for the better, people who touched you, who gave or give you hope and confidence, experiences that gilded your feelings.

Best regards

Gertrud Müller

New beginnings

Some periods of time require new beginnings and sometimes, we ourselves need a fresh start. Maybe both is relevant at the moment. One year of corona chaos is enough, this matter slowly needs to come to a conclusion. And it is apparent that we cannot continue the way we were, that everyone has to change something so that humanity can survive on this planet. We have been playing the roles of producers and consumers for long enough. We have enough, enough weapons to blow ourselves up 100 times over, enough clothes for the overpopulated world, we have drugs coming out of our ears and polluting our rivers, enough cars being stockpiled and all of this rubbish needs to be removed before we can begin to produce again. We have exceeded our limits, we have taken way more from our planet than we have given back. Now we need to find balance, we need to give back, to poorer people, to the damaged environment, we need to plant trees, protect animals, love each other, repair damage caused by war, repair and balance damage to nature, pay back debts…

My grandmother sometimes told me about the post war period, how they slowly emerged from chaos and started to feel solid ground under their feet again. This is our task now as well, even if we didn’t go through war, the warning shots were loud and clear. We people can act differently, we are not bad people. I think about images of the floods, people came together, everyone organised help, came up with ideas how to organise help. We need this spirit of new beginnings for the year 2021. People have come through many difficult times and learnt from them. We can overcome crises. If we also learn how to prevent crises in future, we won’t need all this suffering any more.

All that said, let’s dare to believe in new beginnings, let’s roll up our sleeves and get stuck in with 2021

Photo: Gianina Vlaicu


Life requires closure over and over again. We end an apprenticeship with an exam, pregnancy ends with birth, we conclude phases of our lives and lock doors behind us so nothing gets stolen. This year we conclude a year that many of us would prefer not to have lived through. The waves of coronavirus swept much rubbish to the shores of our lives: scientific gaps, a lack of know-how, unsuccessful development, authority and anarchy which we had long believed to be extinct, indignity and condescension. A lesson in incompetence and muddling through. At least now, slowly, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Some believe the vaccination will sort it, others hope for legal fights to be won, or for elections and of course there are also the professional optimists who always knew that there would be a happy ending, if you just waited long enough.

I am closing this old year with joy and satisfaction, without fireworks and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Knowing that the corona 2020 is over is enough.  Enough closure and reason for a very quiet celebration. Let’s remember we are laying to rest 2020, a year that died of or with coronavirus, we don’t know exactly. That is a death that makes me want to celebrate.

Wishing you a good end of the year

Gertrud Müller

Giving peace

We can not only give gifts for Christmas, we can also give peace. We can treat others, can be kind, can pay a compliment. Others are happy when we smile, when we help them, when we do something for them, when we share, be it objects, books, films, recipes. We can lend things, we can share things – although it doesn’t have to be the toothbrush. We can help others, cook for someone, shop for the neighbours, give someone a call, especially when we know that he or she is lonely. We can help animals or do something positive for the environment.

When we begin to help others and to do good, we can quickly feel that it isn’t easy and even helping needs to be learned. There are many opportunities for giving peace, it also feels good to think of others lovingly, to forgive, to try to listen to the other point of view. If money is in short supply, time can be given. And if we want to start a chain reaction of the good, as Paul Watzlawick called it, we can make it a habit to give peace once every day, and maybe next week we can already give peace twice and over time, it will become normal to think and act peacefully.

As a result, we will see that others also give peace and the more we cultivate kindness, the more peace will grow in this world.

Of course, there are also physical gifts that are suitable for giving peace. The books I have written are suitable gifts of peace. I am including links below. We also have few CDs with peaceful songs left, you can sing along to them even on your own. The CDs are available to order from me. All proceeds from the peace CDs, as well as 1 Euro from each of my books, go to our charity Frieden macht Schule e.V. We also welcome donations for peace. The account number is as follows:

DE14 7015 0000 1001083276

Personally, I want to give more peace by recording YouTube videos. The first video is already available on my channel. On this channel, anyone interested can find information on practical psychological knowledge and my experience, for example how to support your health, build respectful relationships, and feel good despite many a frustration. I am also happy to support others in our network with growing peace and building respectful relationships.

I am wishing us all a lovely advent and the hope and confidence that we will be able to live together even better in future.

Gertrud Müller


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When childhood becomes a problem

When adults encounter problems in life, most people deny that it has anything to do with childhood.  During childhood, the most important programs of perception, relationships, emotions and actions are learnt, which are then replayed automatically during adulthood.

If one child grows up in a society with right-hand traffic and another in a society with left-hand traffic, they each cannot use the other’s programs in the their respective countries without putting themselves and others at risk. Stress programmes, ideas about the workings of relationships, conflict resolution or the meaning of life work in similar ways.

In free societies, we have to understand, negotiate and agree upon each other’s programmes during daily life. Where this works, we can life together well. Where it doesn’t, illness, violence, accidents, arguments and strokes of fate take hold.

For thousands of years, dictatorships and religions have formed the idea to standardise learning of childhood programmes in order to enable control of these differences and the complex management of life during adulthood.

It is assumed that a standardised human makes coexistence easier. In a power- hungry world, it is almost unthinkable that each individual citizen takes responsibility for their actions and their programmes. However, there are many reasons for taking responsibility individually.  In spite of the best diagnostics, a doctor cannot feel how ill a person feels. A politician cannot sense the unhappy and depressed reaction of people to their measures. A chef cannot taste if their guest enjoys a meal, an employer cannot decide when employees are out of their depth and a lover can only somewhat feel whether their desire is shared by their partner.

We will always need to communicate our perceptions if we really want to understand each other. We will never feel the same as everyone else, even though this would make life easier for our politicians, religious leaders, employers, military, police and lovers. Would it not make more sense to finally accept that we are different beings with different programmes? This way, we could respect our own programmes as well as those of our fellow human beings. And we could re-learn our programmes when they no longer fit our life. Wouldn’t it make more sense to finally get to know our learnt programmes and to swap notes? Is it not much more interesting to understand each other’s programmes instead of making us all the same?

I am wishing us all a lot of fun with exploring, testing and changing those programmes saved on our brains’ hard drives.

Gertrud Müller

Mainstream – international


Many people believe that if they run in the same direction as everyone else, they are running in the right direction. They vote for the political party considered most successful, they idolise celebrities that everyone idolises, they tell the same stories most people are telling, they go on holiday when everyone goes on holiday, they believe news and stories everyone believes, they let themselves be educated in the same way as everyone else.

I already questioned at a young age whether it was right just to follow, to believe all the stories being told.  I have been living mainly counter-cyclically since I learned about the Milgram experiment, began to understand the machinations of war, and started to see through the manipulative methods employed by the media, in politics and economics. Everything most people are doing on a regular basis is most likely manipulated. We cannot seriously establish who is being manipulated by whom and why amongst the flood of information.

When I observe nature, I see that no animal permanently remains in groups. The group intelligence of animals has natural, not manipulated causes. Birds form flocks to overcome great distances, fish hunt together, packs try to protect themselves.

Crowds of people are not natural groups, but form connections so as to not feel alone. They are groups steered by those in position of power, by interests or money or traditions. Power does not necessarily have to be bad. There were good kings in medieval times who served their people.  However, we humans should, at all cost, avoid rulers who are exploiting others like parasites and suffer from addiction to power and money. Seeing through motives is often not easy.

I have got in the habit of not following the masses and living more counter-cyclically. I go where others aren’t going, I shop at times when others aren’t shopping, I exercise despite my age, I am not following every trend. I am doing what feels good to me and others. I feel good this way and I am healthy. I notice what makes me feel good and what doesn’t, I don’t need others to tell me. I am able to obtain information for myself and don’t need to follow preconceived ideas. With this lifestyle, I can join groups for a period of time, but I can also leave those groups again. If it feels right and it makes sense, I join communities and society, if not, I remain on my own. This way I am able to live naturally, cooperatively and freely.

I am wishing us all a good week and the right balance of community and aloneness.

Gertrud Müller