Goodbye summer

The fields have been harvested, the yellow flowers by the side of the road announce the approaching autumn, morning mist and shorter days say goodbye summer. Every year, I find it hard to say goodbye to summer, to the sun, the blue sky and the beautiful clouds, to the happy children running around outside and the many people I meet. This year, it’s different. The summer depressed me with its storms, worldwide wildfires, I could not visit my daughter and grandson in England, the demeaning language used during the election campaign and the constant arguments about vaccination, the uncomfortable masks everywhere make it easy for me to say goodbye to this summer. I hope and wish so much that we can learn to do better after all these catastrophes this year, after the elections and the collective experience of threat so that my grandchildren and future generations can still have a good future on this planet. Please can we all contribute to making and keeping this Earth a good place to live.

Have a good new week

Gertrud Müller