Don’t make yourself look small

There are many people who big themselves up by belittling others. Why do people do this? They do this because they have a poor sense of self worth that they cannot admit to. When these people feel bad, they berate others, are mean, arrogant or aggressive. When we see people who behave like this we also tend to think negatively about them, react aggressively or are offended. And straight away we’re in a spiral of conflict. If you’re not nice to me, I’ll punish you. This way, the relationship slowly but surely becomes toxic.  However, if we notice that a person who acts without love is a person who needs love themselves, a lot can change. We don’t feel attacked or offended any more. We can say: something troubles this person which is why they cannot act respectfully. We could say something nice, try to change the topic or ask how we can help the other person to feel better. The situation can become less tense, the other person feels that they are being respected even though they are not behaving very well. This is the key to loving relationships. If we manage to do this not just once, but over and over again, difficulties with others will disappear more and more.

Let´s have a good new week

Gertrud Müller