The art of magic

Many people believe they cannot do magic. However, we do magic every day, we just don’t notice it. Listen carefully to our magical lives. We say ‘you’ve magicked up a nice meal’, ‘you’ve put a spell on me’, ‘you look charming’, ‘what enchanting music’. Performing magic is no different to changing a situation. We produce something, transform something, invent something new, write new texts, develop new ideas. In 1920, Max Weber wrote in his famous work ‘The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism’ that the world was disenchanted following the Enlightenment. Everything became possible, everything was imaginable and doable, could be explained rationally. Everything wonder-ful and magical had to give way to rational and provable thinking. What a heartless world people have conjured up without knowing.

Maybe we can do magic and transform the world into a wonderful world again through our wonderful experiences that we may discover and encounter,  through wonderful sounds that we hear, through beautiful images that we see and treats that we taste, through new things we invent, …

Let’s dare to enchant our own lives again. Magic is what fairytales are made of. Maybe one day we’ll say there was a time when people couldn’t see miracles and magic any more, a time when people fought about who was right, when people waged wars and treated each other badly. Fairytale heroes manage to overcome situations that aren’t satisfactory.

Have a magical new week.

Gertrud Müller