A lot is being said at the moment about the differences between women and men, about sexual orientation, political correctness and discrimination. Last week, I was waiting at a traffic light on my bicycle, in front of me was a young man with road bike and a T-shirt with a rose print, a really cool guy. I told him straight away that I liked his T-shirt. I wondered whether he goes to the office in a T-shirt with rose print, wondered what his colleagues and manager might say. In any case, he has courage and maybe he’s even a trendsetter. When I was a young mum, carrying babies in a sling was very uncommon, especially men hardly wore babies. We still did it, we got strange looks and comments. Today, it’s normal for parents to take their children to town in a sling, for fathers to attend courses on baby care and to take parental leave. I don’t think that anything has changed in our genes. These boundaries, separation and ideas of what is and isn’t the done thing exist more in the mind. Things would certainly change in this world  if we lived life more in the way we think is right, if we didn’t constantly check what one does, what’s currently fashionable in society. We have so many options in life, let’s use them the way many people already do. Enjoy trying it out!