Save the world in 7 years?

Many years ago, Bodo Schäfer wrote  ‘The Road to Financial Freedom – Earn Your First Million in Seven Years’.  In the book, he showed that so much more is possible in the space of seven years than people can imagine. It makes sense to think long term and to establish what we can achieve in those timeframes. If one person works towards a goal for one year, they invest 2,080 hours in a year. In seven years, they will have already invested 14,560 hours. If we imagine 10 people investing time in a project over the space of seven years, that’s 145,600 invested hours. For 1000 people, we’re looking at 14,560,000 working hours. I have decided that we could dare to make the assumption that we are saving the world in seven years. We can, of course, not change the world around us; however, if we improve our inner world, our life intelligence over the course of seven years, we can achieve very, very much. I have made it my goal for this year to start with myself and to encourage and invite as many people as possible to join me. In the next seven years, I will improve my inner world systematically using seven types of intelligence, which I have found during my many years of work experience to be the new gold of humankind. If we don’t only look for external gold, but also for internal gold and invest many hours, then in seven years, we’ll have a world containing many people with a golden heart: people who help each other, share and learn from each other. In seven years, we’ll then not only have a Nelson Mandela or a Mother Teresa, but we’ll also have many geniuses who will inspire us to make our world a better place. Many of today’s dark, dusty, haggard, depressed, cruel and embittered souls can become golden characters again who inspire others. And if 1,000 golden souls infect others over the space of seven years with joy, courage, hope and confidence, then health,  cooperation and happiness will spread like a wildfire. The golden dream of mankind living in harmony with each other and nature then becomes a possibility. People with a golden heart no longer need to adorn themselves with gold from the outside to feel valued, they enrich their lives with their golden heart. Do you want to be one of these new gold diggers? Then join us and let’s dig up more and more of the seven types of life intelligence over the next seven years.

  1. Emotional intelligence;
  2. Intelligence to find meaning;
  3. Nutritional intelligence;
  4. Bodily intelligence;
  5. Intelligence to deal with stress;
  6. Intelligence to exercise;
  7. Social intelligence.



I am starting in 2021 and as a first step,  I am investigating emotional intelligence and golden emotions. I am inviting you to co-author my new book: Save the world in seven years. Please send me golden experiences that changed your emotions for the better, people who touched you, who gave or give you hope and confidence, experiences that gilded your feelings.

Best regards

Gertrud Müller