When I meet patients and clients, we often talk about the wish to overcome a certain state:  to overcome pain, to leave behind grieve, to no longer feel hardship or fear, to no longer bear a burden or guilt. Some want to get over separation, others want to overcome a period of waiting or physical distance. My students anxiously await their exams and exam results. In Asian parlance, they say the journey is the destination. I need to go on my way, need to feel that I’m not yet where I want to be. That is the energy of life, an energy that provides us with the opportunity to overcome the previous state. When people feel this life energy, they can achieve amazing things. Last year, I felt this life energy very acutely. Coronavirus and travel restrictions: I wanted to visit my family in England, my daughter, grandson and son-in-law. I could not book a train or plane ticket. I considered my options. I am physically fit and like to go on bicycle tours, so I had the idea to go there by bike. I did not know what would happen to the borders when I organised the trip and when I left. It wasn’t easy to overcome all the difficulties along the way, to organise route planning, timing, the unpredictability of the weather, work commitments and my own strength and resources.  I was very happy that everything worked out fine and I managed to complete the bike tour. After the tour, I wanted to make a film out of the videos I took while riding. That also presented me with a lot of challenges. I tried, practiced, learned, got help. This week, the film has finally been finished. I wish us all this energy of life that lets us feel that we can overcome the previous, the woebegone, the unfinished and the provisional. An energy of life that gives us hope and that makes us realise over and over again: the journey is the destination!

I wish you the very best für the next week and ahve a look at your life energy

Gertrud Müller