Small scale politics

There are people who pay attention to the big things, to countries and regions, to government leaders and opinion leaders. Many discard their own opinions, their own actions and instead agree with the main consensus and the opinion leaders or they reject opinion leaders. Elections in democracies work according to this principle. The individual has hardly any say, can give their vote to one of the big-wigs every four years and is then being led. There are some who are grateful for this ‘leadership’, there are others who would like to have more rights to make their own decisions.

There are also people who think and observe more deeply. They see that all the big things grow from little things. These precious people rarely become famous, yet they achieve the most, they are the foundations of state and politics, they cherish the little things, the young child, the small seedling, the small seed, the little idea, the spark of love. These people know the secret of growth, the magic of development and the potential of a miracle. Presumably, there are more people on our Earth who see the big things and fewer who recognise small scale living and their potential.

If we want miracles to happen in this world, it is helpful not to concentrate on the big things, but to see the many good words, the small flowers growing in the shadow of big trees, the many small good deeds being done in big countries. It is these many small good deeds and good words which are the basis of good politics, not the big leaders who claim to know what people need and who, like every human being, can be very wrong.

If you want to be politically engaged, try the small scale politics of the everyday, try appreciation, good deeds, conciliatory language, every day, everywhere.

Imagine how wonderful the world of tomorrow will be when more and more people motivate each other to practice good deeds and good words.

Have a nice week!

Gertrud Müller