Person, who are you?

People can take on many different roles, are being portrayed differently according to their roles and act as kings or queens, beggars, wizards and witches, winners and losers, the insane or the intelligent, as perpetrators or victims, as the healthy or the sick, as beneficials or pests, as the best thing resulting from creation or the scum of the earth…Popular opinion says it’s people themselves or fate who decide where and how we develop. Whether and how much influence upbringing, religion, state, education and friends have is widely discussed. It’s probably not quite so clear how much influence we really have. One thing is certain: every human needs life energy, otherwise we’re doomed to death. Most people only know vaguely what gives them energy and what drains them of energy. However, when we learn how to use and steer our energy, we can do much more: people use the energy of parachutes or motors to fly, people can do lots of sport, can rise above themselves, can invent new things, tame wild animals, grow food, make art, plan and erect buildings, people can love and do good.  People can change their circumstances with their innate energy, not always and everywhere, but way more than we have been taught and allowed. Ask yourself this: what would I do if I could do what I want, if there were no boundaries. Only when we ask ourselves these questions do we recognise our dreams and visions and can act accordingly. People are often so trapped in their situation that they can’t even think any more how to use and apply their energies better.

I wish you a new week with a lot of energy