Without a goal, we can only have a vague idea where we are going. The satnav won’t find the way if we aren’t putting in an exact destination. Sometimes, we can only take life as it comes, we can follow others without thinking about our own goal. We can lament our circumstances. One day, we wake up, are surprised and ask ourselves: where did I get to? At the latest at this point we have a new opportunity, we can choose a new goal, a new prospect. At the end of life, everyone wants to look back on a life that he or she had a part in shaping. That is why it is important to question over and over again, am I on the way that is right for me? What new prospects does life offer, where do I want to get to, what opportunities do I have. When we engage with this journey of life, life remains exciting and interesting right up to old age.

I wish yo a nice week and a lot of new prospects

Gertrud Müller

Photo Silvia Tauchmann