Now the buds, flowers and leaves and come up and unfurl from the seemingly lifeless earth and the bare branches. Colourfully sung about by the birds, nature starts its lively spring display with colours and shapes, with new life energy and a new zest for life. Life feels new and newly in love. It is important that we can  time and again feel the energies of nature during the course of our lives, that we let ourselves be invigorated and inspired. Nature invites us to a new life every day. We can  be enchanted by other living beings we encounter, by sounds, colours and shapes, smells, by all emotions and thoughts that we encounter. We can fight against life, we can curse life or we can discover every day the new, the beautiful, the joyful, the endless opportunities. We recognise in all plants, animals and humans how they succeed in their communion to take up and to shape the magic of life. The happy life flourishes over and over again in communion, in giving and recieving.

Let us have a nice and flourishing week

Foto Silvia Tauchmann