There are many ruptures in our lives, leg fractures, marriages breaking up,  drop-outs from education, financial slump, the start of something new, …. I am sure you can think of many other ruptures in life. Sometimes they are welcome, sometimes rather unwelcome. When these ruptures occur, we have to find new information, learn new things, accept losses and dare to do and begin new things. Ruptures appear in every biography, yet why do they seem so extraordinary and difficult to deal with for us?

Life is made up of energy, energy wants to flow, like the river in the river bed, like blood through blood vessels, like the wind in the sky and the waves of the sea.

Since us humans experience ruptures as hard to deal with, we resist them. We try to control life and its energies. The desire to be safe results in absolutisms with laws, norms, prohibition, punishment with systems and automatisms, which sooner or later again lead to a rupture. Only when we dam up water does a dam burst, when we move too quickly or under strain bones fracture, when we don’t respect each other as partners, a marriage breaks up. When we’ve chosen the wrong qualification, we feel the urge to drop out. When life gets boring, we want to get going…. When we don’t correctly assess the energies just before a major change, or are not attentive, ruptures emerge. Many ruptures can be prevented, others defused, and we can support each other when ruptures happen so that we can manage life again despite those changes.

Unfortunately, we are not taught how to deal with life energies or with ruptures in life. There is no such subject area in school, and family crises are concealed due to shame and feelings of guilt.

Presumably, we could all live much better if we let energies flow freely and learned to deal with life’s ruptures better.

Have a good week and lots of courage to deal with all your current ruptures. Maybe live is just teaching us an important lessons: dealing with life’s ruptures. In this spirit, I’m wishing you courage for your own new beginnings and breakthroughs.

Have a nice week

Gertrud Müller