Life is energy

We know that life needs energy to stay alive. However, little can we estimate what energies we will encounter in the next moment, what energies will be available or will be lacking.  During my bicycle tours through Germany and to England, I became very aware of the necessity to pay attention to my energy levels. The energy of the sun, which provides strength and warmth, but from which I nevertheless had to protect myself around midday during the hot July days of 2019. Thunderstorms that can suddenly become very dangerous, food and water I had to look for, dangerous tracks, delays and headwind. In the past, it was normal for people to have to expect difficulties and danger, to take care to survive the next day. The spoiled and consuming human being these days thinks, however, that it is normal to be able to rely on luxuries all the time and complains when the quality isn’t right in supermarkets, companies and with service providers. With our dependence on consumption and our estrangement from nature, we have lost the ability to feel the strength and necessity of energy in our own bodies and in our environment. Through ever new crises, we are slowly learning that we have to be more mindful of energies, raw materials, living beings and nourishment, to survive as human beings and as humanity. Maybe only through crises and a lack of energies do we become aware that there have to be better ways to improve our lives.

I wish you a good new week and a feeling for energy

Gertrud Müller