The sun in the hand

Sunrises are beautiful. Last Sunday, I thought of the images when the sun seems to be held in the hand. By chance, I met a nice photographer a few minutes later at sunrise on the Olympiaberg who took just that picture of me. I was in awe of the nice young man and of this coincidence. I would not have thought it possible that a spontaneous thought would become reality within minutes. The picture, of course, is fake. Nobody can hold the sun in their hands, it is too big and too hot. Humans love making the impossible possible, which is why we admire these images. Especially in these turbulent times, we don’t know anymore what is possible and impossible because everything possible seems to be changing in seemingly impossible ways. However, even in these impossible times we can rely on some things, for example, on the fact that the sun rises, that spring is coming, that we will meet nice, helpful people, that nature and life operate according to their own laws and we can also rely on the fact that not everything we’re told is correct and that everything will change again. It makes sense to learn how to deal with the possible and the impossible while keeping calm. And this reassures me:  When we help each other, share and learn from each other, the seemingly impossible becomes possible. In this spirit, I’m wishing you a lovely Sunday and a good start to the new week.

Gertrud Müller

Photo: @bernardlaszlo