Sometimes I feel like Sisyphus. Straight after I solve one problem, the next one appears. Just as I manage to stabilise one patient or client , I am contacted with the next emergency. I arrive at home, happy that I have just tidied up, and already the next set of chores needs doing. For a long times, I found this tiring and I thought there has to be an end, a goal, that the constant repetition would stop. Over time, I realised that is life, living means cooking over and over again, shopping over and over again, tidying up over and over again, it doesn’t stop, living means starting over and over again. We can think of new ideas so it doesn’t get too boring, we can surprise each other and then the next Sisyphaen task awaits. However we look at it, as long as we live, we have to take care of lots of things in order to live well. It is good to just accept this reality instead of moaning about it all the time. I have decided to attend to my Sisyphaen tasks with commitment and in good spirits so I don’t notice as much that a lot of the things I do over and over again are Sisyphaen tasks.

I wish you the best with your Sisyphaen tasks

Gertrud Müller