War and peace

We currently hear much sabre rattling again, or more fitting today, we hear the hum of war drones and some fission of uranium. When I was young, we had a slogan: “suppose they gave a war and nobody came”. This isn’t an issue any more today. Weapons of war can find their way without an assisting human hand.  Machines learn who the enemy is and who needs to be executed. How could peace be possible in a world like this? It seems almost impossible. And yet, whenever something seemed impossible in history, a breakthrough followed. The more chaos, illness and deprivation spread, the more people have to help each other, have to learn to find new ways together and share  amongst each other whatever is still there. Today, we are told how worthwhile it is to invest in the stock markets. People believed that up to October 1929 my great grandfather lost all his wealth at the time and they still survived because in a big family, they shared, learnt from each other and could help each other in times of hardship. These three qualities are the most important investment to survive difficult times and war, and to respect and protect life in good times.  On this note, let’s work on investing in helping, sharing and learning. It’s free of cost and beneficial at all times.

Have a good weekend.

Gertrud Müller