Degradation and elevation

Stock markets go up and down, shares and currencies are sometimes more, sometimes less valuable. Similarly, we sometimes receive more appreciation from others, sometimes less. We believe we are a good person when we receive praise and a bad person when we are reprimanded. Die Ärzte (a German rock band) wrote the song ‘Let people talk…’. It is important not to think negatively about the things others say about us and it is important not to become dependent on negative comments or the praise of others. The person with a golden heart always tries to become a better person, no matter what others say, think or do. And I can assure you, the opportunities for lifelong learning and growth are endless, there is no boundary for growth of quality of life and happiness. Happiness and love are never ending. Again and again, I experience moments of awe, gratitude and joy that move me deeply. I am inspired by the beauty of life, the diversity of nature, the extent of the universe and the kindness and generosity of people with golden hearts. Please write to me with your experiences that make you feel wonder-ful. Moments in which it is possible to marvel at something, to forgive, times of courage and hope, times when you feel happiness and love. it is important that we share our moments of joy, that we talk about gratitude, appreciation and loving encounters. He who sows happiness, appreciation, gratitude and love, will harvest happiness, appreciation, gratitude and love. Ask a farmer, they will confirm this. That is life intelligence.

A good new week

Gertrud Müller

Foto: Silvia Tauchmann